OSPRA Subsistence Elderly Deer applications

Due to COVID 19 safety protocols, there are 4 options to apply for Subsistence Deer tags.

1. Call the office at 605-455-2584. The Elder must be the person to call in for subsistence deer tags;

you will be asked for your U#, DOB, and current mailing address.

2. Applications can be submitted via fax: 605-455-2265

3. Applications can be emailed to: ospra@gwtc.net

4. Mail application to: OSPRA PO Box 570 Kyle, SD 57752

If an Elderly has a Designated shooter, the tag will be a Deer Doe tag.

All subsistence deer tags will be mailed out the week of the deer season start date of October 31, 2020.



Designated Shooters have to be OST tribal members who are registered on the OSPRA online system ONLY.

To register go to the website https://ospra.nagfa.net/online/

NAME:_____________________________ENROLLMENT #____________________

DATE: ________________


BIRTHDAY_______/________/ ________

TELEPHONE #______________________

HT________ WT________ EYE COLOR__________ HAIR COLOR____________

HUNTING AREA: A_____ B ______ C ______

DESIGNATED SHOOTER: _______________________________ (SELF if no designated shooter)

                                           (Registered on OSPRA online system)