Buffalo & Elk Division

Oglala Sioux Buffalo Division

Over the Years, the staff at the OSPRA Game and Fish Program has put forth the effert to maintain a strong Buffalo herd.  This not only has provided benefits to our tribal members, but through good management protect this sacred resource for future generations.

Currently we have approxmately 800 head of Buffalo feeding in our pastures.




Oglala Sioux Elk Division

We estimate that we have approximately 500 free roaming and pasture elk with the borders of the Oglala Reservation.  This cultural resource has provided excellent food and oportunities for many on the reservation.  As our popluation grows, we will continue to offer hunting opportunities for both Tribal and Non Tribal Members.

For the 2017 season we are holding a lottery for all Tribal Members for the following. 

One Any Elk Game Range Elk to be awarded at each district through a raffle.  When applying for this lottery make certain you identify which district you are from.  If you apply for a district other than the one you preside in, you will be disqualified. We will also be awarding 3 Free Roaming Elk per district also.  These Elk will also be selected by lottery. Again you must indicate your residing district when you apply.  To apply you can stop by the office or call us at 605-455-2530.  We do take Credit Cards so we can take applications over the phone or you can purchase your lottery application directly online.