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COVID 19 Terms of Agreement

Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority


Non-Member Hunting COVID-19 Terms of Agreement


COVID-19 Procedures will be mandated and followed by Tribal Guides and Non-Member hunters to ensure the safety of the Reservation residents from contracting the COVID-19 virus:

  1. Non-Members must purchase licenses on-line or by phone to limit contact with OSPRA staff.
  2. OSPRA will process licenses in a timely fashion to ensure hunters have the legal paperwork. Tribal Guides will pick up tags for their hunters at the OSPRA office.
  3. Lodging accommodations are available in most border towns of Rapid City SD, Martin SD, Kadoka SD, Interior SD, Gordon NE, Rushville NE, Chadron NE, as well as other border towns. Lodging off the Reservation will ensure limited contact with Tribal Members. If COVID-19 cases are low, lodging is allowed at the Prairie Wind Casino & Hotel or Lakota Cabins. Lodging on the Reservation is subject to change at any time to “Off Reservation”.
  4. Tribal Guides must adhere to CDC and OST safety guidelines while guiding Non-Member hunters:
    1. No more than two people in a vehicle
    2. Use of face masks are optional (Can be changed at anytime)
    3. Use of sanitizer
    4. Social distancing to the greatest extent possible
  5. Non-Members may only hunt on the Pine Ridge Reservation a maximum of four (4) days during one hunt. Once the hunt is complete, the animal is harvested, Non-Members must exit the Reservation, and will not be allowed to accompany another hunter once their hunt is completed.
  6. Tribal Guides will notify OSPRA staff when each hunter has completed their hunt.
  7. Tribal Guides must ensure their hunter(s) do not have symptoms associated with COVID-19 prior to entering the Reservation. Any person who is ill, sick or has symptoms, will not be allowed to hunt on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
  8. Tribal Guides will ensure that Non-Member hunters have limited contact with Tribal Members to the greatest extent possible.
  9. The above written guidelines are to ensure the safety for the Guides and to protect their families from being infected by the COVID-19 virus and all other parties.
  10. Accept the COVID-19 protocols agreement and e-mail to: license@goldenwest.net

mail: PO Box 570 Kyle, SD 57752 fax: 605-455-2265


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